A Guide to Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts

Being a mom is an ever-growing job. With each passing milestone, Moms earn badges right alongside their kids — remember the “I-made-it-through-one-day-without-crying” achievement? And since Mom is always changing, her jewelry style is bound to make a couple of 360’s every once in a while. Now, this certainly doesn’t mean her style is restricted to one category over another. After all, every mom is different. And here’s the perfect way to celebrate that. 


Here are a few of our favorite suggestions for a quick guide to Mother’s Day jewelry gifts:

New Moms

The Perfectly Practical Parents

These moms lean toward simple, appropriate looks for all times of the day. And to avoid unnecessary injury at the hands of an intrigued infant, anything that dangles is definitely out. Suggest simplicity to new mothers.

Super Soccer Moms

The Schedule-Juggling Superstars

Snacks. Practice. Homework. Dinner. These moms don’t have much time to decide on wardrobe accents. They’re busy being the loudest cheerleaders, the #1 supporters, and the always-open advice givers. Push for easy, flashy and personalized pieces.

Seasoned Moms

The Venturesome Veterans

With the kids a bit older, seasoned moms have a little more time to deliberate on which type of jewelry they’re sporting. They also have more time for those fancy dinner dates and nights out on the town. We suggest higher priced Mother’s Day jewelry gifts for these matrons.


The Wisest Elders

Grandmothers hold a special place in our hearts. They favor more classic, timeless styles. And they’re more likely to acquire and pass down their Mother’s Day jewelry gifts as heirloom pieces.

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