April's Birthstone: DIAMOND

April's birthstone is the diamond. Treasured for its exceptional hardness and purity of color, the diamond, while not the rarest, is still one of the most sought-out of the gemstones. 

The name ‘diamond’ came from the Greek word ‘adamas’ meaning ‘unconquerable; indestructible.’ A natural diamond takes billions of years to form. While there are other factors to consider, diamond is generally considered the more expensive gemstone compared to other gemstones.

Cutting a diamond requires knowledge and craftsmanship because of its extreme difficulty. Here at Suzy Levian we are very meticulous about the process, since we want each piece to be perfectly finished. Only one in a million rough diamonds are large enough to produce a one-carat diamond. Today, the ‘Golden Jubilee’ holds the title of being the largest cut diamond in the world. The 755-carat rough stone was cut and polished by Gabriel Tolkowsky. It took him two years to design the world’s largest cut diamond. The diamond was named ‘Golden Jubilee’ because it was sent as a gift to the King of Thailand for his 50th Coronation Anniversary in 1997. Aside from being a symbol of love, diamond also symbolizes strength, perseverance, courage, elegance, and luxury. Wearing a diamond is beneficial for it is believed to make you become strong physically. Diamond is purported to carry energy that promotes mental clarity that helps you to overcome the challenges and difficulties in life. 

For us, here at Suzy Levian, diamonds are very meaningful. They are part of the famous Suzy Levian message. By creating jewelry that is beautiful inside and out, Suzy Levian's message is revealed through a hidden brown diamond (.02 ct) set in all our jewelry to empower women to discover their inner strength, power and beauty. 

So go ahead and purchase our pieces with confidence, making your partner, daughter, mother smile shine from within!


Suzy Levian 14K Rose Gold 1/4 ctw Diamond Heart Necklace

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