Suzy Levian explains Diamond Cuts


Diamond cut is the summary of a diamond's proportions evaluated using the attributes of brilliancefire, and sparkle. While high marks of color or clarity affect a diamond, it's the cut that defines its proportions and ability to reflect light. Having been in the jewelry business for many years, Suzy Levian learned how to sort and pick the best cut diamonds and offer it at the best price possible.

Diamond Cut Chart

The Diamond cut scale is measured from Poor to Excellent. The Cut Grade of a diamond directly impacts its beauty; if a diamond is designed, cut, and finished properly, it will have a much more desirable appearance, even when compared to diamonds of higher color and clarity grades.


Polish & Symmetry

 Diamond polish and symmetry are critical components to cut quality. For maximum brilliance, every facet of a diamond should be polished after the cutting process. A symmetrical diamond will have well-balanced and properly aligned facets. If the facets are not symmetrical or not optimally shaped, they'll display less sparkle.

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