Precious Metals Used in Jewelry: Semi Precious Mix

Here at Suzy Levian we use mostly 925 sterling silver and 14k gold in different colors, but there are so many different metals that can be used to manufacture jewelry.

Alternative Metals Used in Rings

Explore the array of alternative metals that can be featured in a ring; adding a different and attractive appearance.




Recently, cobalt has become increasingly popular as a material for wedding rings because of its durability, silvery-white shine, hypoallergenic properties and affordable price tag. Perfect for an active lifestyle, cobalt is typically used in men’s wedding bands. Cobalt contains a specific mix of alloys for a beautiful, yet durable, shine.




Tungsten jewelry is a popular metal choice in fine jewelry due to its durability and longevity. Tungsten is combined with carbon and other elements to form an alloy that is 10 times harder than gold. When professionally polished, tungsten has a high, long-lasting gleam and is more scratch-resistant than other precious metals. 




Similar in color to platinum, titanium is a silver-grey metal that boasts incredible strength without added density and weight. Ideal for those with allergies or skin sensitivities, titanium is 100% hypoallergenic. Although lightweight, titanium jewelry is more resistant to bending and scratching when compared to pieces made from other metals.




Deemed a smarter, lighter alternative to platinum, palladium has gained immense popularity as the jewelry metal of choice by both women and men alike.


Damascus Steel


Damascus Steel rings are made by hand in order to recreate the metalsmithing, ancient techniques used in making traditional samurai swords. The combination of heating and twisting stainless steel layers creates the unique and vivid patterns seen in Damascus Steel.




Zirconium is easily one of the most popular choices of metals when it comes to alternative colors.

Zirconium is naturally a silver-grey color. In order to create its black coloring, when heating zirconium, a layer of black oxide forms upon the metal. Though it is very thin, this black layer is much harder than raw zirconium, allowing the metal to become more durable




Elysium Rings are made from real crushed diamonds that are engineered into an extremely durable, scratch-resistant material. Diamond crystals are fuzed together under extreme heat and pressure and pressed so tightly that light cannot pass through. This process gives Elysium Rings its signature black color.

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