Precious Metals Used in Jewelry: Sterling Silver

Valued as a precious metal since ancient times, silver is used to craft many fine jewelry pieces on the market today. Once considered more precious than gold, pure silver is a soft metal with a white, lustrous hue. In addition to jewelry making, silver is used in a wide variety of industrial and decorative applications, including fine serving ware, flatware, decorative accents, personalized gifts, coins, and electrical components. Silver is a by-product formed during the mining of other metals, including gold, lead, copper, and zinc.


Suzy Levian Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia White Three Row Modern Eternity Band

Silver Purity & Composition

Due to its high level of inherent softness, pure silver is actually too malleable to be used alone in jewelry making and it is easily dented or scratched when exposed to daily wear and tear. Instead, silver is typically mixed with other alloy metals to give it strength. Copper is the most commonly chosen companion; its durable resilience lends stability and longevity to sterling silver pieces.

Suzy Levian has invented a patented mixture of metals to create her own unique compound of 925 sterling silver that no other silver jewelry can compare to. Suzy Levian uses 92.5% pure silver and her patented metal composition for the remaining 7.5%. Her unique makeup of metals creates the perfect balance of durability that sterling silver offers with the sparkle and shine that gold offers. This metal composition is exclusiveΒ in all Suzy Levian jewelry.

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