Shine Bright in Suzy Levian Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is recognized around the world as a precious and valuable metal. Sterling silver is one of the most desired metals in jewelry because of its high-quality compound for a modest pricing every woman can afford.
Pure silver is an incredibly delicate and soft metal. Although it’s beautiful to look at, it’s impractical for everyday use in jewelry and home goods. The most common form of silver jewelry you see in the markets is 925 silver which is composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.
Suzy Levian has invented a patented mixture of metals to create her own unique compound of 925 sterling silver that no other silver jewelry can compare to. Suzy Levian uses 92.5% pure silver and her patented metal composition for the remaining 7.5%. Her unique makeup of metals creates the perfect balance of durability that sterling silver offers with the sparkle and shine that gold offers. This metal composition is exclusiveΒ in all Suzy Levian jewelry.
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